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HOPE DIES LAST - Keep Your Hands Off

HOPE DIES LAST - Keep Your Hands Off

Hopes Die Last
Hopes Die Last is a post-hardcore band from Vatican, Italy. formed in 2004. The band is currently signed to Standby Records. Their line-up currently consists of Danielle Tofani (un-clean vocals), Marco Calanca (clean vocals, bass), Marco Mantovani (guitar), Luici Magliocca (guitar) and Ivan Panella (drums). To date the band has released one studio album, and two EPs.

The band formed in 2004, as a group of teenage friends. The band played shows in Rome until they were able to break into the mainstream post-hardcore scene with the release of "Six Years Home". The band signed with Standby Records in order to release "Six Years Home" as a major record release, after being signed to Wynona Records, an Italian record company that mainly produces pop punk records.
Formation and Aim For Tomorrow EP(2005-2007)
Hopes Die Last released "Aim For Tomorrow" in 2005. The EP contains 6 songs. The genre of this EP is much different than in "Your Face Down Now EP" and their debut album "Six Years Home". They played pretty much punk rock, though some songs like "Sparks of Life" and "We Still Run" give a mild slice of post-hardcore which is now their current style of music.
Your Face Down Now EP (2007-2008)
"Your Face Down Now" was released in 2007. The EP contains 6 songs, one of which ("Call Me Sick Boy") was re-recorded for Hopes Die Last's debut album. The EP is the last record by Hopes Dies Last to include former un-clean vocalist Nick and former guitarist Jacopo.
Six Years Home (2009-2010)
"Six Years Home" is the debut album by Hopes Die Last. The record contains ten songs. The record is also the first by the group to include Daniele Tofani, the current un-clean vocalist of Hopes Die Last. One music video for "Some Like it Cold" was released in promotion of the album.


    Daniele Tofani - un-clean vocals
    Marco "Becko" Calanca - clean vocals, bass, piano
    Marco Mantovan - guitar
    Luigi Magliocca - guitar
    Ivan Panella - drums


    Jacopo Iannariello - guitar
    Nicolò Arquilla - un-clean vocals

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