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His Statue Falls - Breathe In Breathe Out


Album "Mistaken For Trophies" in stores April 20th (Europe) / May 9th (Japan) - Special Bundle available at EMP, Impericon and MerchNow
“Mistaken For Trophies“ is the name of HIS STATUE FALLS second album. This is an allusion to people who adorn themselves with borrowed plumes - an accusation which does not apply to the band that has been following their own path from the very beginning.

In 2003 HIS STATUE FALLS already experimented with samples, when the band was nothing more than a side project. After the release of their debut...See more

Basic info


GenrePost-Hardcore, Electrocore, Pop

MembersAlex Sauer (Throat)
Dennis Fries (Vocals/Guitar)
Christoph Hoffmann (Guitar/Techno)
Christian Diehl (Bass)
XXX (Drums)


Record labelRedfield Records (GER), Radtone Music (JP)

Current LocationSaarbrücken

Contact info


Press contactAlexander Schröder | alex@redfield-records.de

Booking agentGermany: Sebastian Wobito: sebastian.hsf@live.de Europe: Jimmy Hilkens: jimmy@tsysabandpromotion.com

Management Contact:

USA: Jim Present | jim@maphiamanagement.com
EUR: Sebastian Wobito | management@hisstatuefalls.com

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